Eric Wood 4 final notes on the playoff season 2019

Eric Wood 4 final notes on the playoff season 2019


1. Missed opportunities cost bills

Between penalties and spin-offs, which eventually lost the bag, there are a lot of games at the end that you can point out - it could have been different for bills in a number of ways, but that's how this league works. When it came to that, they didn't make enough plays. To start this match, they had to get up 16-0 and not be able to finish it, it's really hard for everyone in the organization and the Bills fans out there.
If you were to indicate a shift in momentum, I think the clear play should be JJ Watt's third-quarter bag in third and eighth positions for a loss of eight yards that ended with a possible opportunity to score a bearish target. It looked as if Buffalo was in scoring again, but the Texans took that result. Bills kicked a field target on that drive, but Texans went straight to the bottom of the field and scored their first game landing on the next drive. Moreover, they get two points conversion as well. I know of being on the field, the crowd is back and the momentum has completely shifted at that point. Invoices fumbled upon their next acquisition and the Texans returned and took charge of another successful two-point turn. In a very brave effort by the bills, they came back and tied it to send it to overtime but they couldn't finish the job. Such a flexible team as Bills owns, I'm not surprised that they keep fighting to get back into the game.

2. Young people basic gains experience for the future

The young kernel built by the Buffalo Laws is incredible with this current system. Drafts they have made with youth like Tre'Davious White are really paying off. White is the ultimate superstar - All-Pro and Pro Bowl. The two leaders who committed a crime and defending you are the second year midfielder in Josh Allen and the second year midfielder Tremin Edmonds. The two played great this year, they made a lot of plays. There are also a lot of plays that they will learn from and that will make them better.
Was Josh perfect yesterday? No, but you will never question the intensity and competitiveness of this man on a soccer field. He will learn from a game like yesterday. It is difficult for Quarterback in their first game of the season. I think they have a 33% win rate. That's for a reason - it's a great atmosphere, all the teams are good. The density increases in the post, the game speed increases. Josh was able to make several plays yesterday and he will learn from his mistakes. The experience gained for those three guys in Allen, White and Edmonds, as well as many young players on this team will be of great value to those who will return next season.
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3. Defense gave a brave effort - Watson found a way to make plays

Again, the defense plays a great game as if they were all season. They completely closed the Texans in the first half, and set up a talented receiver at DeAndre Hopkins to zero in the first two quarters. Texas went in half with only 81 yards net. Deshaun Watson is leading a talented attack and were finally doing some plays in the second half. In the end, they maintained 22 points in almost five quarters of play.
It was just a great mission all year long by defense. They are a defense that should be consistently good in the next few years if they keep the same people because they built something massive. In this game, they manage to go home with the offensive line against the offensive line containing the left-handed Pro Bowl game in Laremy Tunsil. Jerry Hughes gave him some shifts and ended the day with three bags, and he had seven bills in total. In the playoffs, your quarterback players will be more willing to use their legs and we've seen Watson do a lot of it in the second half with 55-yards accelerating and speeding down.

4. Ideas tend to offseason

The bills lose an amazing player and leader in Lorenzo Alexander. I give a lot to that dressing room and the Buffalo community. They have some other dealerships, but they also have a lot more pieces to come back. Many of the main players will be back in the next year which is great. Buffalo has the maximum salary space for any team in the playoffs, and the fourth in the NFL at this point. The future is bright for Buffalo Bills with people like Brandon Beane, Joe Schoen, Dan Morgan and the staff they have in the front office - I have great confidence that Bills will be better next season. It was a cruel loss. I am amazed as everyone else, but the future is so bright that there is no reason to hang your head for so long.
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